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Hello Dr. Alvarez,

I want to thank you, again, for the work you did with my teeth and gums. The bone grafting alone has changed not only my appearance but my breathing. My right nostril was collapsing and I didn't know why, it was the bone atrophy, which is no longer an issue. My teeth look and feel like they have been in my mouth my whole life. I don't know if I want to laugh or cry every time look in the mirror, all I know is I'm happy with the results and I can't smile enough.

You are an amazing dentist who really does care about his patients and the outcome of his work. I highly recommend you to my family, friends, and co-workers; anyone who would like to talk to me about my dental experience, I am more than willing to converse on your behalf.

Mucho Gracias,

Alicia L. Bell


Dear Dr. Alvarez,

When it comes to medical care, I'll go to the ends of the earth to get the best. Yet I only had to go to Tijuana to find you! When I fell down the stairs and smashed my teeth on the tile below, I knew instantly I was going to need implants. I had been thinking about cosmetic dentistry for awhile so viewed it as an opportunity. If I were going to have to replace four front teeth, why not do a major cosmetic renovation?

I had several clients who went to Mexico for dental work but rather than simply contact the names they gave me, I did my own research. Your web site was helpful as were your e-mails. But before making the two hour trip to your door I had to check you out.

Would you believe I actually had a doctor friend walk into the Implantology Department at Loma Linda to make sure you were "legit"? He phoned to say he had never heard such consistently glowing reports and joked, "It almost makes me wish I'd lose a few teeth so I could use his services".

That was a year and a half ago-and one bone graft and three gum surgeries ago. I now have four beautiful front teeth and the process continues. I am in the hands of one of the finest medical professionals I've ever encountered. I marvel at how totally focused you are on both the patient and the work. I can tell you love what you do which is understandable since it must bring great satisfaction. I might add that your staff reflects your competence, grace and professionalism.

I live in upscale Newport Beach, CA where I've had a lot of dental work over the years but I've never see such a state-of-the-art dental office as yours. I loved being able to actually see my x-rays blown up on the TV. screen in front of me.

Those who might be apprehensive about going to Tijuana or who want to talk to a patient are welcome to e-mail me.


Virginia Cassara

Over the past 15 years I have accumulated a mouthful of implants and bone grafts. All of the work over the past few years has been by Dr Alvarez-Carrera. My original motivation for making the 1400 mile round trip was financial. However, since that first visit, it has been his professionalism that has inspired the journey to Tijuana.

The experiences I have had with local oral surgeons pales in comparison. Dr Alvarez is not only extremely competent, and more hygienic; he is always task-intent and never cuts corners. He is as serious about his work as I am. I will not go to any other oral surgeon.

As a very experienced patient, I am confident that there is no better oral surgeon, than Dr. Ricardo Alvarez-Carrera. If you are not convinced, or just want to discuss travel to his office, please e-mail me at

Bob Sheffield

Dear Dr. Alvarez,

I am writing you today to let you know how much I appreciate the work you did for me.
At first, I was very scared to go to another country to have the implants done.
But after meeting you and your staff, and looking at this spotless office, I was confident that i was in good hands,
the hands of an Angel.
The operation was a success thanks to your vast knowledge in this field. Your bedside manners and your
professionalism are outstanding.
You changed my life in ways I can not repay you. I am forever in you debt.
I can't stop smilling now, and I thank you so much for it.
I feel so comfortable with the implants that it feels like a normal part of my mouth.
Dr. Ricardo, you gave me my life back. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
You will be in my prayers for the rest of my life.

Beatrice A Parish

Dear Dr. Alvarez,

It is very clear that you love your profession and another comment I wanted to but forgot to make was that it is a great pleasure and privilege to watch a real professional at work. I must include your staff in this, too. Everyone I have met or come in contact with in your office is friendly and helpful and professional. My congratulations!

At first, I was terribly upset when I realized I needed all this prosthetic work and even more so when I understood the Southern Cal costs. Now that I have met you, I feel privileged and glad that circumstances have directed me to you. I wouldn't want to go to anyone else!

Please feel free to use this since it is both honest and well-deserved. Also, I will be happy to speak personally to any prospective patient who may feel hesitant about going to TJ for treatment. 

All the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



To Whom It My Concern:

My name is Alfred Titus, 42960 Staffordshire Lancaster Ca. 93534 (661) 984-91-62

I began going to dentists at about 8 years of age, and have probably been treated by Nearly 20 different dentists since then, maybe more. I have had extensive dental work.

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez Carrera began treating me in 1994.

He is in my opinion, the very best dentist in my history. He has done extensive work Putting in many dental implants. I have found him to be expert in his work, providing  an office and dental equipment that are both sterile and up-to-date. He is very gentle Dentist who tries to make dental care as painless as possible.

In addition to these professional traits, I have found the DR. to be a gentleman, one who is concerned with is patients, who will go out of his way to accomodate his patients.

I highly recommend him to anyone needing dental care. I may be contacted by anyone might have further questions. 

Dear Dr. Alvarez Carrera,

I invite you to share the following testimonial with any of your prospective patients who are considering dental implants and wish to read my recommendation of you as a positive and professional credit to the dental community. 

Seven years ago, I had a tragic accident that damaged my upper jaw and led to the complete loss of all of my upper teeth. Due to my extreme phobia of dentists and the somewhat prohibitive cost of surgically repairing my condition, I choose instead to suffer the consequences. I could not chew food properly; I avoided talking in public; and I rarely smiled.

Finally, I convinced myself that I deserved a more effective and long-term solution. I started to research the local doctors in my hometown and also extended my research to the internet. Very quickly, I discovered the price quotes to correct my condition averaged over $40,000. In addition, every doctor from whom I received a quote required that I pay for the implant surgery in advance. Needless to say, my research left me completely discouraged. 

As I resigned myself to face what must remain a life long and miserable condition, I received an email response to one of my email inquiries from Dr. Ricardo Alvarez Carrera. In spite of my numerous misgivings, I scheduled an appointment. During my initial consultation with Dr. Alvarez -Carrera, he provided information that absolutely stunned me. 

Dr. Alvarez -Carrera's impressive credentials included Faculty at Center for Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry in Loma Linda University, and his quiet, calm and professional demeanor inspired my trust. He provided for me a highly individualized, well-written, and professional plan that spanned over 14 months of treatment. The plan included a price quote far less than all the previous quotes I had received, and Dr. Alvarez -Carrera setup a convenient and comfortable payment schedule that fit within budget requirements. 

Although encouraged, but still somewhat hesitant, I scheduled my first surgical appointment and the test of Dr. Alvarez -Carrera's skill began with the extraction of five teeth from my lower jaw. Despite my well-developed phobia of dentists, I must admit that during the procedure, I became so relaxed that I fell asleep in my chair! When I awoke, the doctor's professional staff took care of my every comfort during the post-surgery recovery process. 

Very encouraged by my initial experience, I continued to follow Dr. Alvarez -Carrera's plan. Over the next fourteen months, he continued to give me treatments once a month, and finally, he completed the process of repairing the extensive damage to my upper jaw. Tentatively, I began to enjoy the process of eating again, and learning to share my new smile with my friends and family. If a picture paints a thousand words, then I must end this testimonial by sharing with you the following pictures. 

Before, never smile

Another before, never smile

After, I can't stop smiling!

Dr. Alvarez -Carrera's skill not only has repaired the physical damage to my jaw, but his amazing work has allowed me to recover the status and confidence only a brilliant smile of happiness may bring. I wish you the same overwhelmingly positive experience. 

A. Feiner


Dr. Ricardo Alvarez Carrera,

I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for the excellent job you performed with my implants. Many of my friends, who know that I have them, already know that I have found an excellent dentist in Tijuana.

For any necessary dental work I will certainly be seeing you.

Thank you again,

Arthur L. Harvey

I have been a patient of Dr. Alvarez-Carrera since 1996.  I heard about Dr. Alvarez-Carrera from friends living in the Palm Springs area who were his patients at that time.

My first visit to Dr. Alvarez’s clinic was impressive to say the least.   I was greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable staff and found the center to be fashionably decorated and contained state-of-the-art equipment to include computers, x-ray, operating and treatment room facilities.  To date I have had Two (2) dental implants, root canals, crowns, and routine yearly dental checkups.

Most impressive is the skill and expertise Dr. Alvarez-Carrera possesses. Dr. Alvarez-Carrera received his dental degree from the Loma Linda School of Dentistry located in California and he regularly attends continuing education seminars in the US.  I have never experienced a negative reaction to any of the numerous dental procedures the doctor has performed.  Doctor’s caring attitude has given me the comfort and security I most need when having my teeth worked on.

In addition to all of the aforementioned…Dr. Alvarez’s treatment fees are much lower than those charged by US Dentists.  Even with US dental insurance, Dr. Alvarez’s fees are less.  What more can one ask for?

Feel free to contact me if you need more information.

Palm Springs, Ca

Botox Testimonials

My name is Erendira Lara. I live in Northern California and I want everyone to know my experience with Dr. Alvarez Carrera and his staff.

I've had dental problems for many years but I always put it last because in the US having dental work done is almost a luxury (in my point of view) so when it comes to visit the dentist, my daughters are first. Therefore, I have no money left for my dental work! Anyway, last year, I trained to run the San Francisco Marathon and a few weeks before running I noticed  that I was having little pain on my right side molars but I didn't pay much attention as I was very excited thinking about my marathon. As time went by the pain got worse and worse every day until one day the pain started to wake me up in the middle of the night. I went to my dentist here and he mentioned that I probably would need root canal on one molar but first he was going to change the filling and see if the pain would go away. He also did an inlay on my upper molar, the pain went away for a few days then it came back!!! In desperation, I went to see another dentist and I said to her "Doctor, I think is my wisdom tooth that hurts..." she said, "Ok, I can pull them out now, no problem and if you want we can pull out the other two" I also mentioned that the lower molars were very sensitive and she said that they were high and she drill them to "fix" them but it really hurt a lot!! She sent me to another Doctor to get my wisdom teeth pulled out. The pain subsided for a few days but it came back, again!!! 3 different Doctors and my pain continued but this time it was getting worse because it wasn't only the pain but my emotional well being was compromised as well.  I wasn't able to run anymore, I started to feel frustration and depression along with the pain, my family wasn't happy either as they felt bad for me.

My husband suggested to go to Mexico for treatment. I started my research and found out that many people come to Tijuana for medical treatment! I was impressed! In my research, I came across Dr. Carrera's web site and decided to call his office because of the testimonials and because he is implantologist. In my mind I was thinking to have him pull out four molars and put implants so my pain would go away, how naive I was!!

I have no words to describe how grateful, how happy, how impressed I was and I am with Dr. Alvarez Carrera and all the staff. I was treated like a human being!!! NOT like a number with a dollar sign! he gets involved, he asks the questions, he is very professional, compassionate and he really shows care for his patients. I came to his office almost crying and to be honest with very low hope because out of three Doctors in the US non of them found out what my pain was. Dr. Alvarez Carrera asked me the right questions and found out that my pain was migraine (it never in a million years would cross my mind that I suffered from migraine) because I clench my teeth when I sleep or when I'm under stress or pressure. The treatment?? BOTOX!!  Root canal and a mouth guard.  Did I mention that this is only part of my treatment and I'm already smiling? Oh! I forgot to mention, Dr. Alvarez never ever mentioned that my teeth needed to be extracted and replaced with implants. HE SAVED MY TEETH!!

If anybody out there is reading me and has a horrible pain related to your teeth like I did, please know that there is hope and Dr. Alvarez Carrera is highly trained and professional. All the staff is very compassionate and efficient. If you need to hear my testimony do not hesitate to call Bertha and ask for my phone number or e-mail.


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