Dental Tourism in Tijuana, Mexico

Dental tourism in Tijuana refers to the travel of a patient to Mexico to receive dental care. In Tijuana, MX, medical mobility is regulated. For patients coming from the United States, cross-border care is easier when they have a Global Entry pass.

But, the biggest consideration is not coming down to Mexico, okay? It’s easy. The biggest consideration is going out of here. This is what Dr. Alvarez-Carrera’s patient, Steve, says about being a patient of the Dental Implant Center for more than 10 years.

Experience at the Dental Implants Center

In an interview with Steve, he shares important points to take into consideration before coming down to Mexico for dental tourism.

Dental Tourism in Tijuana

Steve: “I found Dr. Ricardo Alvarez-Carrera through a friend of mine who found Dr. Alvarez on the internet. I live in Los Angeles so I came down with him and we met. I had two dental implants. But after meeting Dr. Alvarez, I realized I was dealing with somebody of a different level of quality.

I always come back to Dr. Alvarez for one reason: the quality is really beyond comparison. So, yes, I’ve had dental input and dental implants. That’s true. I need the two of them now. But, also, when I realized the quality was there, I started having him put these porcelain crowns. I’d paid a lot of money in the United States to have veneers put on and, you know, you get old, you get brown teeth, I guess. You know, drink too much coffee. So, I’ve had veneers put on, I’m not exaggerating, it was like 17 grand for veneers, it was ridiculous, ok?

But, little by little they would fall off or chip or whatever and so I had Dr. Alvarez replace with crowns, okay? And, then, I started realizing, whoa! Your crowns are high, high quality. Now, he has a friend who has a special lab he’ll tell you about. Some friend of his and they do the really, really high-end crowns and they’re porcelain. The color is matched. So, Let’s say I keep coming back for one reason: for the quality.”

Border Fast Pass for Dental Tourism

The government in Mexico came up with a very clever plan. It was the Tijuana Border Fast Pass. “I’ve been coming here for more than 10 years to this office, and you can get across the board in about 15 minutes. But they only give it to doctors and dentists.”, says Steve.

Finally, this is proof that it is possible to have high-quality dental care through dental tourism in Tijuana, Mexico. Why not give it a try? You can make substantial savings without taking any risk on quality. Watch Mr. Steve whole interview on YouTube Dental Implants Center channel. For more information about our dental care services, please contact us today!