As of Nov. 1st 2012 there is a detour to a new larger and more modern San Diego-Tijuana Border Crossing.
WALKING: The new temporary pedestrian crossing is next to the Trolley Station in San Ysidro. Walk across and take a taxi to our clinic.
DRIVING: Once you drive through the gate, either GREEN light (go) or RED (secondary inspection), stay all the way to your left and take PASEO DE LOS HEROES. Then continue as you normally do.

Cross Border Map

1.- Take “Paseo de los Heroes” until you reach the 4th round intersection, Domino’s Pizza (right turn), on “A.L. Rodriguez” second traffic light (left turn), on Blvd. Agua Caliente first traffic light (right turn), on Sonora Ave. (10-story glass building on corner), about 100 yards on left-hand side two-story green building, Centro de Implantes Dentales.

2.- Or take “Revolucion Ave.” which changes name to “Blvd. Agua Caliente”, turn right on “Sonora Ave.” (10-story glass building on corner), about 100 yards on left hand side two-story green building, Centro de Implantes Dentales.

3.- Fastrack Border Pass

With this special Fastrack Medical Services Pass, the average wait to cross the border will be around 10-20 minutes. This pass is available for our patients. Please request one at the time of your dental appointment

4.- Don’t have a SENTRI card yet?

Apply online. For the latest information and how to use the online system, you may be interested in visiting FAQs about the SENTRI web based system on the CBP website. It is available in English and Spanish.

The SENTRI for AUTOMOBILES is especially convenient during the morning and evening rush hour and on weekends. The average wait is 5-15min. There is also a PEDESTRIAN SENTRI lane, which usually takes you only 1-5 min, compared to 30min-2+hrs wait time for Non-Sentri pedestrians. You can use it 24hrs, every day, all year long.

SENTRI On-Line Application

Contact GOES support at 1-866-530-4172 or email cbp.goes.support@dhs.gov