Traveling to Tijuana to get your Dental Work is Safe, Easy and Affordable.

There are several safe methods to cross the border to visit our offices as well as any of the other medical facilities located in the neighborhood.

Traveling to Tijuana to get your Dental Work is Safe, Easy and Affordable.

There are several safe methods to cross the border to visit our offices as well as any of the other medical facilities located in the neighborhood.

All About Tijuana Dental Tourism

If you have done any checking around or looked on the Internet, you already know that you can save a lot of money by getting your Dental Implants done at However, you may be unsure about how to safely and affordably get across the border and make it to ‘s office. This is especially true if you have never crossed the border before, don’t speak any Spanish or have apprehensions about Mexico and Tijuana

There are many false conceptions and irrational fears about crossing the border and going into Tijuana. Yes, there is some violence, like in any major city in the USA, but it is all targeted at those that are actively in unlawful activities, US and Mexican citizens, and those in law enforcement who are fighting the criminals. If you are not involved in illicit activities, there is nothing to worry about. Life continues “business as usual” for most people, residents and visitors as well. Whenever you travel to any city in the world, you should know which areas are safe and others not recommended being visited. Any local hotel or business should be able to guide you.

Over the past several years, there has not been a single incidence of a medical tourist coming across the border being injured or attacked! None of the thousands of patients that visit us every year has reported any problems or incidents. That is good news.

Less than 10 minutes from the border with the United States, clinic is located in the most secure and upscale area of the city, along with several other medical offices that provide services to visitors from all over the world. In addition, there are several outstanding five-star hotels and excellent restaurants in the neighborhood.

There are several safe methods to cross the border to visit our offices as well as any of the other medical facilities located in the neighborhood.

US Hotel and Shuttle

Staying in a nice Hotel on the US side of the border and crossing over in a shuttle is especially suited for those who do not live near the border. Many of our dental patients stay at the Best Western Americana Inn located nearby in San Ysidro, CA. They offer a shuttle service that takes you directly from the hotel to the clinic of your choice and then, after your work is done, picks you up and takes you back across the border. This door to door service is very convenient and safe, especially for those who have concerns and/or do not speak any Spanish. Their room rates are about $79 a night and includes the shuttle back and forth.

Call them at 1-800-553-3933 or 619-428-5521.

Best Western Americana Inn

Dental Vacation / Dental Tourism

You may want to make a holiday out of it. You may have heard the term medical tourism or dental tourism? Come on down to Mexico for a holiday – alone or with your family. You can stay at one of the local luxury hotels or at a nearby resort and then have the hotel or resort ferry you back and forth between our dental clinic and your vacation residence. You can stay in nearby RosaritoEnsenada or one of the smaller resort areas along the coast, like Las Rocas Resort & Spa. There are also many very nice hotels in Tijuana, some within walking distance of our clinic. A few to consider are Grand HotelHotel Lucerna, and Camino Real.


Another way you can get across the border is to drive to our office. We have created an online interactive map to show you how to drive from the border crossing to our office.

With this special Fastrack Medical Services Pass, the average wait to cross the border will be around 10-20 minutes. This pass is available for our patients. Please request one at the time of your dental appointment. We have secure private parking for you.

You can also Goggle Map from your US address to ours (Sonora 3809, Chapultepec, Tijuana, México), or use your Portable GPS and upgrade to Mexico also.

Crossing the border to get into Mexico is usually very fast and easy. However, the return trip may take you awhile as you may get stuck in traffic re-entering the United States. If you are lucky, and hit the line midday, you may get through in a half hour or less. If you are unlucky, it may take you two hours or more. It depends on the time of the day, whether it is a holiday, and how many US immigration agents are working the gates.

However, probably the most efficient and speedy way to get to our offices is by taking a taxi from the border to and from. They can drop you off right at our front door at And then, when you are done with your appointment, our friendly receptionist Bertha can call a taxi for you. Within a couple of minutes or so, a yellow cab is at our door and ready to take you home.

It’s quick, it’s safe and it’s affordable.


The third option is taking a taxi from the Tijuana side of the border directly to our office. You can take the San Diego trolley all the way to the border or you can park in one of the border parking lots. The border parking lots are inexpensive and you can usually park here the whole day for about $6.

Once you are at the border, you simply walk across the elevated bridge and then cross through the USA – Mexican gates. The area is patrolled by US and Mexican police so you can feel safe and secure. After you walk through the last gates, go straight ahead about 50 yards and you will be greeted by the Yellow Taxi drivers who can take you directly to our offices, or any other Tijuana medical office. The cost from the border to or office is only $8.

Yellow Taxi

Even though many of the taxi drivers speak English, it makes sense to print out a copy of address and a map to our office and hand it to them. Go to and go to Location, then print map and directions. Just like in any big city, some taxi drivers have lots of experience and know the town like the back of the hand. Others might be rookies and not know where the dental and medical clinics are located. Bring out a copy of the address and take it with you. It can’t hurt.

When your visit is complete, we will call a cab that will come and pick you up at our offices and take you directly to the US border crossing. You then walk to the security area and States through US customs. You will need to show your passport to get back into the United States. It usually takes less than a half hour to walk from where the taxis drop you off to get through US immigration control. Once you are back in the US, you can hop on the trolley or walk to your parked car.